Cool Scandi Fashion Brands You Should Be Wearing Now

It’s true that a lot of fashion on our shopping wish lists is likely to be from a whole range of super cool fashion companies thanks to all of the influencers and looks on Instagram these days. Some of these companies are well established, some very recently launched and the thing they all have in common (apart from being Scandi) is that they consistently create ‘European Chic’ styles that are generally more trendy than other high street brands whilst still being relatively affordable. The huge range of stores means you will always find a brand that suits your style too, as they range from stores that have a ton of floral print collections, to those that focus more on denim and minimalistic looks.


You could say that H&M is the original fan favourite and you can easily see why. The majority of their stock is available in a good size range so they’re pretty inclusive and have been for a while; they had a huge overhaul of their sizing guides a couple of years ago to broaden choice at both ends of the spectrum. That’s a huge tick right there in my opinion. There are two other massive pluses to H&M in my opinion too: they launch very popular and reasonably priced designer collaborations every November (this year they are joining up with Giambattista Valli so expect a tulle dress extravaganza) and their ever popular sustainable Conscious range that works to produce clothes with recycled/ easily recyclable materials and ethics at the forefront. What’s not to love?


Monki is different from H&M in that rather than aiming at everyone, their target market is definitely teens and young adults – with a main focus on cool casual styles. They offer a nod to sustainability with the Monki Cares collection that’s made from ‘Conscious Cotton’, obviously not dissimilar to H&M’s equivalent collection. The main difference here is definitely more of a focus on basic casual pieces and a fabulous denim range over H&M’s generally floaty and summery smart occasion wear. Ever since the demise of Cheap Monday and it’s subsequent absorption into Monki, the choice within the denim range has never been better – from corduroy pinafores to ripped boyfriend jeans, you’ll always find your ‘cool girl’ match.

& Other Stories

If a brand is good enough for The Duchess of Cambridge, it’s the perfect choice for literally anyone else too. I feel like everything at at & Other Stories is oh so pretty and the entire range really does give me H&M Conscious Collection vibes. They really do excel when it comes to beautiful floral dresses in on-trend styles that look great for future seasons. However, I would definitely go elsewhere (maybe to Monki) if I wanted great denim styles or shoes; I will stick to well known shoe brands like Birkenstock and Nike depending on what I’m looking for. Yes, the range as a whole is noticeably more expensive than the majority of it’s rivals but & Other Stories really does fill the still affordable void in between high street and designer stores with consistent great quality and ever changing trendy pieces.


Arket is most definitely the home of beautiful utilitarian and sartorial pieces. If you are looking to channel your inner queen of super fashion forward street style, Arket could be your place. The brand is unconventional in every sense of the word, describing itself as a ‘modern day market’ for simplistic fashion – it truly is fun yet functional and easy to wear. The brand originally became well know for the airy aesthetic created through its’ Instagram famous straw bags and clean cotton shirts and blouses and is now growing from strength to strength, bringing Scandi chic across Europe and the rest of the World.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’d love it if you comment with your favourite Scandi fashion brand.

See you soon,

Claudia xoxo

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