Midweek Review: Is This The Greatest Makeup Setting Spray Ever?

As we all know, pretty much any makeup and the heat and humidity of summer are not the best of friends. As someone with pretty oily, acne prone skin, I find the struggle is seriously real. For years I have tolerated my makeup sliding off my face by lunch on the regular every damn summer and then trying to patch it up with powder foundation to attempt to make it last until the evening. At one point I even gave up wearing a full face of makeup through midsummer. I tried to survive with a little bit of tinted moisturiser, (I found a holy grail in Nars for natural face days so I’m not too mad) waterproof mascara and brow gel because I just couldn’t be bothered with the high maintenance of a full face of makeup for any longer.

Recently though, I realised I had to look for a solution. My skin continues to break out often and in the event of any occasion – and the inevitable candid photography and eventual social media uploads that would go with it – the low-key, light makeup look was just not going to work for me. This was where my quest for a setting spray began. I purchased a couple of drugstore options initially to dip my toes into the whole trend; they were both ok but not good enough to actually wow me. Following this I read and watched a few YouTube reviews for the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and I was instantly sold.

The Urban Decay spray is manufactured by Skindinavia who actually make their own range of setting sprays and other skincare, and hence Urban Decay benefits from using Skindinavia’s skincare research to formulate All Nighter. The main difference with this product compared to the drugstore options I had previously tried is it uses Temperature Control Technology in order to keep your full face of makeup cool and set in spite of the crazy summer heat and humidity and it truly does make a huge difference in my opinion. My makeup suddenly began to last double the time it used to, and powder touch-ups are a thing of the past. A huge plus point for me is that it keeps the shine at bay all day as it has a super long lasting demi matte finish – goodbye oily t-zone (yes it even stays put on the t-zone area too). It literally feels like you’ve have not applied anything more over your makeup – it’s that lightweight. The All Nighter applies evenly too – with a fine mist (massively important for me as I hate sprays that disperse large droplets) unlike one drugstore setting spray I tried which left me wearing what felt like a tight, sticky and heavy mask – gross!

I still can’t believe how much of a makeup lifesaver and all round game changer Urban Decay All Nighter has become for my makeup routine, and I would recommend it to anyone, no matter your age or skin type. Moreover, if you’re someone that wears a full face of makeup most days – you’d be crazy to not add it to your routine if you haven’t already. All Nighter: I can officially add you to my holy grail list.

Do you use a setting spray and if so, which one is your go to? If you have enjoyed reading this review, like and share this post and let me know if you’d like to see more product reviews in the future.

See you soon,

Claudia xoxo

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