About Me

So I suppose you’re here to learn a little more about me and a few of my interests. But first, I want to let you know what made me start blogging.

Even though I’m only twenty one, I actually started blogging a while back (way back in 2015) using a different platform with a whole lot less freedom than the WordPress platform which I opted to restart with. Right now I do not want to pick a very specific niche so the main post categories I’m focusing on are: lifestyle, travel, beauty and fashion; I’m pretty much equally interested in all of them. Although saying that, if I have to pick a favourite at the moment it has to be travel.

After all, I’m a geographer at heart so my wanderlust is definitely one of the main reasons why I chose it. I also think it’s important to use any platform I have to raise awareness about climate change issues and the huge problem we are creating as a consumer society with waste – so I’d love to explore this dilemma we face over time. It’s a huge issue not just where I live in the UK but all over the world. As much as I love shopping as the next person, I think all of us, although I’ve actively made a few changes as to how I shop (even as a fashion blogger), still have things to do when it comes to controlling fast fashion habits and changing to a more responsible and sustainable way forward.

Aside from my blogging passions and studies, I spend a lot of time watching sport and occasionally playing it too; most of the summer is reserved for watching tennis (there’s nothing like strawberries and cream to put you in a summer mood) and my winters are dedicated to my love of figure skating. Recently I’ve been loving beginning the process of learning yoga and how to meditate alongside it as well as doing some cardio every now and then. Of course, no workout is complete without an amazing playlist and I really enjoy curating different ones for every mood and genre, from nineties’ dance classics to relaxing alternative summer beats.

I hope this page gives you a little bit of an insight into me and if you would like to get in touch, feel free to do so using the form on my Contact page at any time.

Claudia xoxo